Are Lawns Good for You?

A lawn of around 250 square metres in size can produce enough oxygen for a family of 4 to breathe.

A lawn takes in garden debris and organic matter and is self cleaning.

Lawns reduce storm water runoff and control soil erosion.

The smell of freshly cut grass often tops the list of the most pleasant and comforting smells.

Standing barefoot on grass can reduce stress, reducing heart rate and blood pressure.

Grass is one of the lowest cost surfaces for you and your family to enjoy and one of the safest.

A well maintained lawn adds value to your property.

Maintaining a lawn gets you out in the fresh air and helps keep you fit.

A lawn is a natural filter, trapping dust and dirt from the atmosphere and purifying water as it passes through the root zone.

Being on a lawn on a hot summer’s day is cooling; it can be up to 30˚cooler than being on tarmac.

Being on a lawn without shoes or socks can be a multi-sensory experience, triggering deeply rooted associations with the smell and sound of nature and the vision of dense greenery.

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