Looking after your lawn.

Cutting the lawn regularly at the correct height encourages healthier roots. It also helps to conserve water within the grass plant during periods of drought, this keeps the grass greener for longer.

Many people think that cutting the grass short (scalping) will prevent the grass from growing fast, hence reducing the number of times it needs cutting. In actual fact this can encourage other predators into the lawn such as moss and weeds.

Never cut your lawn less than 25mm (1 inch).

Never remove more than one third of the total height of the grass if you can help it.

Sharpen or replace your mower blade regularly.

Remove the clippings. Clippings left on a lawn encourage surface thatch, which moss loves.

Mow in different directions each time.

Mow your lawn as often as it needs it throughout the year.

Lawns grow at different rates as the temperature changes, after you have fertiliser applied and if you water your lawn.

All plants need nutrients or fertilisers. Superior Lawn’s and The Lawn Guy’s fertilisers are uniquely designed for use on domestic lawns to provide the right balance of nutrients throughout the year.

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