Our Services Include:-

LAWN FERTILISING, from a single treatment to 4 scheduled treatments per year, using the very latest slow release fertilisers from the worlds leading manufacturers.

WEED CONTROL, from a single application to 3 scheduled treatments per year, using the most technically advanced products from all the leading manufacturers.

MOSS CONTROL, we have a number of products and techniques available to resolve the problem of Moss on Lawn’s.

PEST MANAGEMENT, treatments for common lawn pests including Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets are available when required.

DISEASE MANAGEMENT, full range of treatments are available including the treatment of Red Thread and Fusarium.

AERATION, Hollow Tine Aeration to alleviate compaction and stimulate a healthy and vigorous root system usually carried out in autumn or early spring.

SCARIFICATION, removes Thatch from the Lawn a common cause of Moss and stimulates the Grass plant to thicken the sward.

WATER CONSERVER, significantly reduces the irrigation requirements of your Lawn and helps keep it greener for longer during periods of drought.

GROWTH REGULATOR, improves the thickness of the sward by stimulalating the Grass Plant to grow horizontally rather than vertically thus reducing the frequency of mowing required and helps increase the Grass Plants rootmass.

MOWING, we offer a regular mowing service weekly, fortnightly and one off holiday cover finishing your Lawn with the traditional alternate stripes.

EDGING, as part of our mowing services your lawn will be finished with a crisp, sharp edge to make your Lawn look special.

STRIMMING, is a first line of attack on overgrown lawns before mowing to a high quality finish and is used on those difficult to get to places around the house, trees and under shrubs.

HARD SURFACE WEED CONTROL, for paths, drives and patios. Nothing makes your property look more untidy than un-wanted weeds.

LAWN REPAIRS, if your Lawn has a problem, we can fix it, re-seeding and over-seeding of bare patches, some times needed after scarification or attack by Chafer Grubs or Leatherjackets.

HEDGE & SHRUB TRIMMING, as required using the very latest equipment and techniques ensure a high quality finish. GENERAL

GARDENING, we are able to undertake any gardening tasks, you just need to ask.

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